About Us

Our Story

Before Laura began this journey to Safe & Sweet, she was a highly medicated pre diabetic patient for ten years, she found herself obese and unhealthy for a majority of her life, and truly knew there had to be another way.

She was introduced to the Keto lifestyle, and saw results immediately. Rapidly losing 100 pounds, and getting off her diabetic medication completely, she knew she had found the answer she was longing for, but realized quite quickly there was a huge component missing. 

Where were her sweet options? 

Starting in the kitchen of her home, she began to practice making all the beloved treats she now serves, to perfection. As she started to share them with family and friends, she found them truly blown away with how tasty they could still be, while also being health-conscious. 

Fast forward a year and a half later, to a lot of hard work and dedication in the now professional kitchen! Through a lot of trials and successes, Safe & Sweet is growing and is happy to bring healthier treat options, to your home from ours. So you can still indulge, without over indulging. 

All items are Keto- friendly, Diabetic -friendly, and Gluten

Our Products

Here at Safe & Sweet, we begin with the highest quality ingredients. Always Organic, Non-GMO, and Fair-Trade, you can truly taste the difference in every bite. As health-conscious individuals, we strive to ensure everyone can enjoy our treats regardless of dietary restrictions.

Not only geared for Keto, the whole foods we use in every recipe are great for Paleo, Celiacs, and Diabetic Individuals. 

We are happy to provide Vegan options as well!

Our Mission of Caring

Our primary focus is to provide high quality, delicious sweets to everyone regardless of dietary needs. Our sweets have zero effect on your glycemic index. Our nut flours are grain free and won’t cause inflammation or allergic reaction. 

Here at Safe & Sweet, we believe everyone should 

“have their cake and eat it too”